Jorrit was a brilliant colleague. He is an exceptional UX practitioner, very experienced yet open to new ideas, and really knows how to get under the skin of the user. He is clear thinking and methodical but also very creative in his approach. He is also a lot of fun to work with and this makes him a popular addition to any project.

Nicola West Jones
Head of Market Research, The Key
2 October 2020

Jorrit has worked with teams across the business (and wider group) to share his experience and operating principles as Head of UX. He has been involved in a wide range of projects from early-stage user research, through to the development of solutions across our product portfolio and new product development ideas. He has helped The Key evolve its approach to product and content development since he started in 2017 - introducing new models and concepts to ensure total focus on users' problems. Jorrit leaves a colourful legacy of design sprints, engaging workshops, sharpies and walls full of kaleidoscope coloured post-it notes.

Richard Jewell
Chief Product Officer, The Key
27 July 2020

Jorrit has helped the business to establish a UX function that is now always considered upfront rather than part-way through a project. It has been good to see the positive effect he is having on our work. I'm delighted that users are considered and consulted much earlier in our processes. The success of our app demonstrates the impact of Jorrit being involved from the beginning. It was good to see the effect that early working prototypes and user research have had on our thinking and eventual end product.

Paul Osborne
Chief Technology Officer, The Key
27 March 2019

Jorrit is leading on the user experience and design aspects of the project and is proactive in doing so. I have very positive feedback on the quality of his work. He has quickly got up to speed on the project and has an in-depth understanding of the data. He is also closely aligned with the Product Owner.

Melissa Shaw
Head of UX & Design, Springer Nature
13 May 2015

Jorrit has an excellent knowledge of front-end technology, accessibility and design (as well as a wicked sense of humor). He is an excellent user-centered designer and front-end developer.

Frans Heeman
Manager, User-Centred Design Group, Elsevier
13 January 2014

Jorrit has given a strong contribution, proactively expanding well beyond the web development role. He is conscientious in his work: he writes very detailed and clear specifications, he tests very thoroughly and very, very few issues escape his eagle eyes. He has earned the respect of the team and his input in all areas is highly valued, as various team members have indicated.

Christine Erb
Product Manager, Elsevier
6 July 2010

Jorrit is intrinsically motivated by his job and never stops trying to improve things in all areas: process, product, form of UCD deliverables. He can be relied on to bring tasks to completion. He is respected by his colleagues inside and outside of UCD, and is a pleasant person to work with.

Joy van Baren
Manager, User-Centred Design Group, Elsevier
10 February 2010

Working with Jorrit, I was impressed by his ample capability to understand the users and tailor the UI design to their specific needs. With an eye for detail, creativity and passion to deliver high quality work, Jorrit was capable of making a difference in the team right from the very beginning. I enjoyed working with him and I can certainly recommend him as a valuable addition to any team/organization.

Camelia Csora
Product Manager, Elsevier
4 December 2008

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